"Covid-19 boost Digitalisation"-  Straits Times, 31 March 2020.
Dear Parents, Covid-19 Coronavirus is boosting the adoption of  Digital Technology  eg. e-Commerce, e-Learning, Telecommuting (Video-conference), Contact-tracing..
  The following world-wide Economic Recession is also increasing the pace of economic Structural Changes  eg. Digital Economy, Automation (reduce Social Contact), Industry 4.0  etc..   Can you guess the meaning of the above image ?  Scientists predict that it has the capability to take over some of our jobs by 2035 or much earlier due to Covid-19..   How to prepare our children to be successful & financially free in near and medium term future amid the massive changes happening around us now ?
Education & Success in Life is more than just Academic :  {famous Quotes}

"Education is the passport to Future, but Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it Today".
{Every Child is Unique in his/ her Potential}  "But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid".

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{ GCSE Sec 1-5 (Grade 7-10)  Math }
Mr  Joseph Ho     Hp : 98250212
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*  first 1 (one) Free trial lesson for Sec 1, 2 and 3.  [Sec 1-3 (A/E) Math]      (all of them at 2 hrs each).
This is to encourage the weaker students to join in my tuition service as early as possible for academic intervention to be effective.
*  Ex-private school A/E Math teacher.  Specialized in Sec 1-4 (A/E) Math tuition;  Have been teaching Sec Math for more than 10 years.

*  Offers mainly one-to-one tuition; small group tuition is welcomed too.

*  Value for $money -  You just pay for 2 hours per session but it can be extended to 2.5 hr or slightly longer, if the need arises for the individual student/s such as due to subject weakness or to prepare for upcoming test/ exam.
One parent asked me : "Why need extra time if my child is quite Ok in his/ her Math ?"  Usually the duration of 2 hrs is good enough..  But real situation : Can you Read Math Without Practice like other academic subjects..?  After understanding the main concepts, the student still needs to Practise a few Basic,  some Intermediate (majority) & very few Advanced level (if time permits) questions in my presence to demonstrate good understanding & Application proficiency..!  However Priority will be given to tackle their school Math homework to boost confidence, followed by my Math tuition homework (if time permits)..  As you can see, aiming for an 'A' grade requires much Practice..!

abt  75 % of my Sec 3/4 students scored either A1, A2 or B3 in their 'O' level  A/E Math exam.
Note :  More than 75% of my students are at about or below average (60% score), including failures..!  Therefore this group of students need longer time to improve significantly before showing good performance..

*  In GCSE 'O' level exam in my former private school (Dimensions College), I had 18 students who scored As (A1 or A2) in A.Maths, and 10 students who scored As in  E.Maths.

*  Currently I'm also a Math Olympiad trainer in Pri/Sec public schools.

*  Online Tutoring can be provided as ongoing academic support at (Less than) < 30 % of the time using a web-sharing Whiteboard at slightly lower cost $rate, using the student's smartphone, tablet or laptop (with writing tablet)..  To help you save cost, I will only charge you the first 15 min (Minimum) + subsequent blocks of 5 min time (Variable)..!
Note :  Math is Not a study subject like Science & Language as it requires writing, showing or annotating the working steps in whatever medium of instruction..  Therefore it's Not advisable to conduct Math Online Tutoring at 100 % of the time using 2-D dimensional computer screen, without evaluating the student's body language to read signals of Understanding & Difficulty..  Math Online Tutoring is most effective at < 30% using a direct approach of Question & Answer (Q&A) session after mastering basic Concepts.
*  NUS Degree in Comp Science/ Info.  Cambridge (UK) Diploma in Teaching & Education.  Certificate in Teaching Methodology from Southern Cross University of Australia.

NUS Cert

Study Homework Habits
How to Score an 'A' in Math :
Develop Strong Study & Homework Habits

Devote time to study and homework every day.  You cannot study for Math the day before an exam/ test.  You need time to Understand & Practise the Concepts learned in your math class.

If you Study & Practise on the same day that you had your Math class lesson, the information will be fresher in your mind.  You'll also be able to stay on top of the work more easily.

Remember that there is only so much your Teacher/ Tutor can help you with.  It is ultimately YOUR responsibility to learn the material, test yourself, and ensure that you understand it.

There is NO shortcut to excel in Math !  You must Do the Practice exercise problems at home.  You may not have to turn them in, but Practice & Applications exercises can help you test your understanding of a Concept or a Formula. 

There are few ways to “Learn Math”.  For some people, learning math is just about memorizing the formulas and learning how to apply them.  But the best Learning Strategy is to : 
THINK  &  UNDERSTAND..!   Don’t just memorize.

The following are the results of some of my 'O' Level students.
I'm taking in more Lower Secondary students too, whose results are not displayed here..



Result slip


Riddhi 'O' level results

My Raffles Institution IP (Integrated Programme) Sec4 student took his Final IP Exam in July 2019.  He sent me a crude copy of his results, and between Math1 & Math2  (A/E Math),  he scored an average of about  90 %  !

Due to Privacy concerns, it seems that nowadays parents are reluctant to show me their children's 'O' Level results, despite my assurances..

Therefore I have no choice but to take a screenshot of my smartphone to show you the best results obtained so far in this year 2020..

Mr Aung is the parent of my student, who is a lecturer in Temasek Polytechnic..

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Student  Testimonials

"Please Simplify the Math concepts as much as possible for me to understand, and go straight to the point in my Practice questions..!".

Although I did not come from a top Secondary school in S'pore, but I'm so glad that after Mr Joe's coaching in Math since Sec 2,  I perform consistently among the top 3 students in my class for almost all the school Math tests & exams..!  However due to fact that I'm not so good in my other subjects,  I will probably enrol in a Polytechnic first before considering University later on, but I'm still clueless in my future career plans..  Well, Joe also ask me to consider a few job roles in Digital Economy eg. e-Marketing, Web Designer, User Interface & Experience creator, Data Analytics.. including the emerging fields in IT industry.  My father is currently a Director in the IT Depart. in a major bank in S'pore, and he also encouraged me to consider taking up Computer Science as a future career as there're many jobs..!  Er.. But I'm not keen because I don't study Computing at all..!  We also discussed the possible job roles in Healthcare as S'poreans are Ageing fast, though I'm not interested at all in being a Nurse..
Overall I'm really glad to have Mr Joe as a patient coach who will sometimes spend more than the required 2 hours in 1 session, especially before upcoming test & exam..  My parents say that we will hire him again for my sister who is now in Pri 6..

Riddhi is currently pursuing a course in a Polytechnic after her 'O' levels.  If you wish, she say you may call her for a casual chat to verify any details above, provided it does not disrupt her study schedule.
If the tuition is just about academic Math or Science alone, I will be very bored.. Although Mr Joe (Ho) is trying to draw my attention back to A/E Math in both Sec 3 & 4 all the time, but I always press him to talk about other issues which I find to be interesting  eg. the nuclear standoff between North Korea & US,  the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown after the Japanese tsunami,  Climate Change as an increasing risk to world conflicts, migration, water & food supply..
When I was in Sec 4 last year, I was considering which subjects to major in College for
my future career options..  We discussed at length about the great emerging trends in this Digital Age :  Cloud Computing, Robotics, Data Analytics, CyberSecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation..   Joe say that there're many jobs in the IT industry..   As my Sec school does not have a Computing subject during my time,  he encouraged me to take up a private Computer Programming course during the end of year holidays after my 'O' level exams..
Overall, I want to say Thank You to him for being an interesting and helpful coach, and not just another boring tuition teacher..!

Ban Hong Xiang  is now in Pioneer Junior College.  He took my advice to enrol in a private Computer coding program during his Dec holidays after 'O' level.
He is one of smartest students I've met in terms of General knowledge but he somewhat lacks discipline and is highly argumentative too.   He will learn that in order to succeed in College, he will need a balance of both Discipline & Intelligence..   If you wish, Ban says you may call him for a casual chat to verify any details above, provided it does not disrupt his study schedule.

Jon :  "Simplify, simplify the A.Math concepts with shortcuts to get my answers..  Please make it easy for me to understand and do, otherwise I will give up this subject !".
Because my son Jonathan was in a medium top secondary school - Maris Stella High,  he failed most of his school A.Math tests & exams almost throughout his whole year in Sec 3 !   I was so worried at first..
When Mr Ho took over to coach Jonathan,  Jon was so demoralized that he considered giving up on A.Math altogether so as to focus on other subjects..   But Mr Ho strongly objected, saying that the exam papers from top schools in Singapore are usually set harder than the normal topical 'O' level exam standards, and so therefore should not be taken too seriously..
Amazingly in Jon's 'O' level results, he scored  A2 in his E.Math and  B3 in A.Math..!  In fact, his E.math grade is the best among all his subjects !
As Jon did not do so well in the rest of his academic subjects.. after much discussion with Mr Ho,  he advised him to opt for Polytechnic instead of going to an A-level (3-year) college,  before considering any University option for further study after his graduation from Polytechnic..
Due to Jon's big weakness in A.Math,  Mr Ho spent 3 hours in almost every session from Sec 3 June to his 'O' level in Sec 4..!
Thanks to Mr Ho for his great patience and guidance ! !

Mrs Tan (parent of Jonathan).  Jon is currently pursuing a course in a Polytechnic.

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